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Signs, signs, everywhere signs...

A visitor to Salemtown might think that our neighborhood is really called Crye-Leike, with someone named Terry Rymar as neighborhood president. Terry has signs all over S-town. In fact, Terry HAS HAD signs around here for many months.

Terry must not be paying a lot for these signs because they certainly aren't helping her move the houses and lots she is shilling.

Why isn't she moving the goods? Maybe because she has created false expectations for long-time home and lot owners. Maybe because the list price is $30,000 to $40,000 higher than what the price should be.

The future is bright for Salemtown. Terry knows this and she is trying to take advantage. But, unlike other builders in the area who price their wares at a level that many people can afford, Terry's houses aren't moving. Every well-built NEW house (often at prices far lower than Terry's collection) has sold almost immediately after completion and in some cases before completion.

Terry's tactics have been chronicled before here and elsewhere. Around here, we wish SHE would go elsewhere.

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