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Dems say clean up the House - without delay..

It's a Christmas holiday miracle. Members of my party have decided to do something positive rather than snipe and moan (maybe it's the polls that say that the peeps trust the Dems roughly the same as they trust 'W' - yikes, but at least the peeps have the sense to hold Cheney in roughly the same regard as itinerant driveway pavers).

Reps. Obey, Frank, Price and Allen, Democrats one and all, have come up with a 14 point plan to scour the house including curtailing reimbursed travel, 'Van Goghing' the bloated earmarks that infect spending bills with more pork than the Rendevous will ever see and ensure that all bills up for a vote be published at least 24 hours before they are called up for a vote.

Many of these proposals are reactions, granted, but reactions to the excess and arrogance of the Republican leadership.

I doubt these proposals will gain much traction in a Republican driven House, but it's good to see the Democrats send a signal amidst all the noise.

ht: David Broder op-ed piece in today's Tennessean

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