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'I'm not against capital punishment, I'm just against killing the wrong people' - Kinky Friedman

I'm not saying that the people (I'm assuming it was a committee of small children and/or satirists) who wrote the instruction manual for my new Toshiba Gigabeat MP3 player are totally out of touch with the King's (or even Bush's) english, but the language within the manual is a dialect with which I am not familiar.

If the instructions on how to post in Blogger were as complex and badly written as the ones in my battered manual (thrown against the wall a number of times), NIT would have a lot fewer blogs to aggregate (and there would be bonanza for computer repair-people).

I'm a tired tired man. The numbskulls at Amazon (I ordered this before I read Brittney's and Kevin's woes with the less than amazing Amazon) shipped my new player to my old address, despite the fact that I filled out THREE freakin' forms on the website which were supposed to provide the less-than-amazon-brained peeps the change-of-address. Nonetheless, my old house was the scene of the delivery.

By the time I finally got my hands on the Gigabeat, I was peeved. Reading the instruction manual and attempting to install the device would have tried the patience of Werner Von Braun, and I can hardly hold a flickering candle to his vast expanse of brainiac-power.

After the blue cloud of cursing dissipated AND I managed to locate a driver for the damn player that was somehow not 'readable' from the install disk, I managed to record a few songs - at a much later hour than my aging body needs to be stirring (at least on a work night).

Verdict: Sounds good once I got a few songs transferred. The controls aren't as easy to use or as intuitive as the IPOD, but I got a lot more storage and format flexibility for a lot less price. Apparently, the Toshiba powers-that-be are saving a LOT of money on manual writers (what's the going rate for Mongolian children labor these days?) and they managed to pass the savings on to me...

Sadly, if I had waited just a few months later, I might have been the recepient of a government subsidy..if the wizards in congress pass a 'digital TV' subsidy, can a digital music subsidy be far behind?

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