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Blindfolds for the children of Springfield

I did a double-take when I saw today's Tennessean story on a sign deemed too sexy in Spring Hill. I was wondering if some jewelry store was featuring Janet Jackson's nipple rings or if Victoria's Secret had inexplicably opened a branch in Spring Hill.

What in the SPRING HILL could have possibly offended a mother of a six-year-old Spring hill denizen when she had to explain what a certain word meant?

Caution: Don't read any further if you are easily offended by four-letter words.

The word is 'SEXY'. I'm sorry that I have to use such an offensive expletive in the pages of my blog.

The word SEXY has been deemed to sexy to appear on signage in the sanctimonious burb of Spring Hills. The Studio 4 Hair & More was advertising a product called 'Sexy Hair Concepts'. Granted the sign is one of those annoying blinking animatronic signs that are now banned in Spring Hill (the salon's sign was grandfathered in because the sign existed before the ban), but geeze louize..I'm trying to imagine how that mother of the six year old is going to avoid offensive language and signage if the word 'sexy' is too racy.

Perhaps the offended mother of the six year old was anticipating the effects of the 'sexy hair concept' if the good citizens of Spring Hill succumbed to such a treatment. Would there be saturnalia on Saturn Hill Parkway?

I guess I should have realized that Victoria's Secret wouldn't be opening a store in Spring Hill..that is unless there is a new line of VS burqas I haven't seen advertised.

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