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England's Oldest Hitmakers

Saw em' again last night at the relatively new and stillspiffyclean FedEx Forum in Memphis. If you are a life-long Stones fan (such as this aging fan), you don't always get what you want from a Stones concert (where was 'Gimme Shelter'?), but you usually get what you need (a scorching version of Ray Charles classic 'Nighttime is the Right Time').

Yeah, they occasionally paint by numbers on one or more of the iconic trinity (Satisfaction, Brown Sugar, Jumpin' Jack Flash), but Mick can still sing, Keith can still sting and Charlie definitely still swings.

Plus they offer great life lessons to the largely 40-50ish baby boomer crowd about to crest into their 60s. Keep moving, keep swaggering and get help when you can't hit the high notes.

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