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This never would have happened in the old Davis-Kidd..

well, maybe it would've, but I'm aggravated enough with the 'new' location that I'm willing to blame the event I'm about to describe, the avian flu and the recent collapse of Ashlee Simpson on the tragic move of Davis-Kidd to the Green Hill Mall.

Like a moth in need of a 12-step light addiction program, I returned to Davis-Kidd tonight in search of a few cards and goodies for those people who were rude enough to spring unexpected cards and goodies on me at the last minute unexpectedly. Sheesh, what are these folks thinking?

Anyway, my total purchase came to $31.37. I laid two twenties on the counter (that's $40.00 for you U.T. grads). The college-aged clerk rings up my items and the cash register showed that the clerk owed me $8.63. I told the clerk that I had thirty-seven cents and plopped that amount on the counter. I got the deer in headlights look from the clerk. I attempted to explain that he wouldn't have to give me any coins back and that if he just gave me $9.00, we'd be even. He looked even more confused and said, 'but I've already rung you up'. I told him that it would all come out even, but he repeated his explaination as to why he couldn't possibly take my thirty-seven cents. I wanted to go through the transaction step-by-step but there were people muttering behind me in line, so instead, I got the extra sixty-three cents in change I really wanted to avoid.

I'm wondering if he was friends with the young woman described in Sarah Moore's recent posting who missed an exam due to schedule confusion and expected the professor to accommodate her desire to take the exam at a more convenient time.

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