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Bloggers who need bloggers are the luckiest people...

Or maybe I should say bloggers who eat with bloggers are pretty lucky. Today was dine or drink coffee with a blogger day for me and apparently, Aunt B.

As explained in Michael's blog (bigorangemichael), today was the day I collected on my Vanderbilt over UT wager from Michael. Michael might think I will return the favor by betting on Vandy against UT next year, but I know better..in 23 years, I'll make my Vandy over UT bet again, because that is how often we beat the orange enemy.

I always enjoy chatting with Michael. Today was certainly no exception.

Tonight I met Sharon Cobb and Katherine Coble (and Katherine's husband Tim) and Kerry Woo at Starbucks. Kerry had to leave before we made the big dinner decision to carry on the conversation over sushi down at Samurai Sushi. The convo on all counts was delightful and illuminating. I had not met the Cobles or Kerry before tonight. Weaving stories and faces with blogs I enjoy and read regularly is a great Christmas gift.

So, thank you Michael, Kerry, Sharon, Katherine and Tim.

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