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Rebuilding the mansions of New Orleans - no soup for the rest of you poor bastards..

As noted in The Quiet Life, Bush talked big, broad and bold when the spotlights were on in New Orleans, but when the water and media floods receded, only FEMA's follies continue. In THIS story in the NY Times:

The Small Business Administration, which runs the federal government's main disaster recovery program for both businesses and homeowners, has processed only a third of the 276,000 home loan applications it has received.

And it has rejected 82 percent of those it has reviewed, a higher percentage than in most previous disasters, saying that many would-be borrowers did not have incomes high enough, or credit ratings good enough, to qualify.

Low income and spotty credit ratings are problematic, but considering the fact that the applicants were referred to Small Business Administration by FEMA, one would think that someone would be paying attention and applying some of that fabled compassionate conservatism by perhaps waiving some of the normal standards. Bush acted so concerned and ready for action when people were watching, but now that the national short attention span has moved along, the Bush folks don't appear to be quite so responsive.

The story does give some comfort: the owners of many New Orleans flood-damaged mansions have received the necessary loans to rebuild their homes.

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