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Livin' large on the left coast..

I'm on my annual baseball trip with several other protracted adolescents who are chronologically around my age. Today we will be seeing the Giants play at the field pictured above.

I'm not sure who the team was honoring when this picture was taken, but she appears to be quite special.....

Friday, we'll be mingling with thousands of empty seats at an Oakland A's game.

Over the years, we've been to nearly 30 different ballparks, some of which don't even exist today. This trip, I'll be adding Pac Bell, Oakland Stadium and the ballpark in Seattle on my list.. These stadiums all have some corporate official name (including a new name for Pac Bell) that I try not to learn..

Last year when the 'boys' went on the trip, they visited the new Philadelphia stadium. Sadly, for at least me, I was recovering from some rather major surgery and had to miss the trip for the first time. I was told that the new Philly stadium was most excellent. I'm sorry I didn't get to go so that I could erase my memory of Veteran's Stadium, a circular artificially turfed bland-o-sseum where an unfriendly usher actually told me that it was against major league rules to take pictures at a baseball park..

I'm thinking this year's experience is going to be a lot better..


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