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sushi baseball - why this is a great country..

First of all we have a game somewhat created by the English in a prepubescent version called 'Rounders' that we perfected and we have these public places where many of us like to gather and then we have immigrants who bring us things like sushi and we just keep on synthesizing...

Seattle's stadium, with apologies to the best bbq joint in Nashville, truly does look like the mothership has landed, but a mothership containing some of the best ballpark food you will find in this (and probably any) country. I had the 'Ichiroll' pictured above after watching the sushi-maestro hand roll each piece.

Oh, yeah, it's a GREAT place to watch a game. We got great tickets from our friend Nick 'the stick' Hunter back in Nashville and we were seated among the player's families. Great scenery, if you know what I mean..

Cities, like Seattle, where the immigrant population has been successfully integrated into the daily walk, continue to give me great hope for this country. I'm still grateful to live in a place where people will do anything to get IN.

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