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I thought we had professional football in Nashville..Halftime notes on half-ass football

A few Titan-ic observations..The flaming tacks are sinking fast...

1) A few weeks ago I predicted elsewhere that the Titans would win six games this year. I appear to have missed by, ummm, six

2) What is the record for all-time lowest possession time in an NFL game? I'm betting that the Titans are gonna challenge that record today.

3) I don't remember any professional football game where a team hasn't made a first down on their own in the first half (titan's first down today was via penalty).

4) I'm seriously beginning to think that Norm Chow was the most overrated offensive coordinator in the history of football.

5) Would someone please tell the Titan's defense that running backs who don't recieve hand-offs from the quarterback remain eligible receivers.

6) Do you think that Adrian Peterson would make a good first pick in next year's draft?

7) good grief....

8) San Diego fans..I know you are excited, but last week's win, and the win that seems rather apparent this week are against the two worst teams in football.

9) I've never seen a more inept offensive effort in a first half in my life. As has been noted in earlier ego-centric posts these past few days, I've been around a few years..this game is accelerating my aging process

10) Blecccchhhhhhhhhhhh

Update in 4th qtr; Can someone please tell me why Billy Volek couldn't have been doing at least THIS well? sheeesh

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