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My heated confrontation with Bob Krumm...

On a last minute vandy-football-addiction impulse, my younger son and I decided to view in person this year's Vanderbilt squad's attempt to win their first game of the season.. On the way to the game, we stopped at Bob Krumm's tent for some of the Knucklehead's ribs and I finally got to meet Bob. For those few of you who do not know, Bob is running for the state senate from the south end of town (21st district).

The only heat involved, truly, came from the ribs and from the sun. Bob, exactly like I expected, couldn't have been nicer. Because I do subscribe to the 'Y' Chromosome Handbook Rules for Guys, I won't use Aunt B's description of Bob (she calls him CUTE), but he is a nice looking guy who looks younger in person than he does on his blog.

So, Bob, thanks for the ribs and the water. I think I posted somewhere on Bob's blog that I appreciated his willingness to post all the questionnaires he has received along with his answers. That kind of transparency should be an example to all the folks running in any election.

It was my pleasure to finally 'confront' B. Krumm...

Re the Vandy game..those of us who are Vandy-football-addicts felt right at home..chances to win, but Vandy comes up short in several key situations, including a last-minute field goal attempt that missed by about 2 yards.

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