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I don't care, I just don't care

Oxymoronically, my level of apathy regarding Sara Evans and her pending dee-vorce has reached new heights.

I don't care in my car,
I don't care in a bar,
I don't care on the street,
I don't care when I eat,

My dreams are evans free,
and will be til i'm seventy..

I don't care when I'm in bed,
I don't care what Brad Schmitt said
I don't care in my underwear,
I don't care when I brush my hair..

I could care less - that's what I said..
standing up or on my head..

can we go back to the REAL news,
bombs over Baghdad, Arabs hating Jews..

i don't care about his or her theories,
I don't care during the world series,
I don't care when I'm in my house,
I don't care when I'm in my spouse
I don't care if he's a louse..

just take your porny story away..
not tomorrow..I MEAN today.

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