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These are a few of my favorite things..

2005 was not a great year for the Hutcheson family - at least health-wise. But, as sad as it seems, we're not the center of the universe, and there were a lot of wonderful things in 2005 that enriched my life greatly...

Huck's post 'My Artificial Drug Dependency' limning the battle between creativity and conformity while beset with the slings and arrows of socialization. I miss ya, Huck, and I hope you're working on that novel.

Rachel McAdams in pretty much every movie she makes an appearance. As the snotty sister in 'The Family Stone' she luminates the house. She rocked in 'The Wedding Crashers' as well.

I've loved the Rolling Stones since I was 12 years old (back in 1964). I thought they made their last good record (it was a record then) back in 1980, and that they just were a touring phenomena now, but the boys (well, 60+ year old boys) surprised a lot of us with the rocking 'A Bigger Bang'. Intelligiently designed and pared down, the CD is one of the best of the year.

Lauren Graham in Gilmore Girls and Kristin Bell as Veronica Mars. Two of the most well-formed characters on TV in two of the best shows on TV.

Ricky Gervais in anything he does: BBC Office re-runs and his new hilarious show 'Extras' on HBO.

Nashville's own Reese Weatherspoon as June Carter Cash in 'Walk the Line'. I got to see many of the 'Johnny Cash' ABC show tapings down at the Ryman in the late 60s and early 70s. June would bounce out on the stage to sing with Johnny. Her energy never flagged despite the fact that they would have to re-shoot some of the scenes time after time after time. Reese nailed the bounce and the sassiness.

Amy Adams in 'Junebug'. Playing a pregnant seemingly shallow southern cliche role, Adams reveals a surprising complexity in a movie about southerners that treats us with dignity and not some cornpone hayseed redneck society. Junebug is a great movie and Adams is main reason the movie works so well.

Jeremy Piven in HBO's 'Entourage'. Smoking as the duplicitous protean agent. I've always thought that Piven added zing to any movie or TV show, but this role beat em' all.

Kevin Kidd and Ray Stevenson in HBO's 'Rome'. Their narrative thread as witnesses to the world of Caesar was the best part of a great series.

Finally, to the two best series on TV - one cancelled and one coming back in January. 'Arrested Development' (screw YOU FOX for cancelling this show), the funniest show on TV, with the best character names ever and I do mean EVER. From Jessica Walters as the harridan mom to the doctor who pronounced that her son Buster was going to be 'all right' after a seal bit off his left hand, every character and every show was brilliant.

'The Shield' was the most riveting drama of the year hands down. Glenn Close's turn as the precinct boss was note-perfect. Michael Chiklis is damn scary as the alternating corrupt and great-cop head of LA's anti-gang unit and may be the best character on TV right now.

Oh yeah, one more thing: Apparently many people missed the message that Nashvillians were all fleeing to Brentwood and Williamson County. Nothing against the evacuees, but I'm seeing a LOT of residential construction in the Salemtown area. There are lots of great neighborhoods in Nashville..Salemtown is mine and I'm damn thankful to be here.

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