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I'll show you mine, if you show me yours

Now that the Tennessean has decided to publish a database with the salaries of all 40,000 state employees (you can find the link on your own, thank you) including mine, I'm wondering when the Tennessean is going to publish the salaries of their employees so that THEY can all spend the day looking up their peer's salaries.

Yeah, our work life is public record, I understand, but WHY? What purpose did this serve? Do you have to do something just because you can? I suppose there are a few civilians who have enough curiosity to check out the salary of their state employee neighbors, but all this publication has done is cause resentment and a large drop-off in work among employees all vying for server time to check out the 'next cubicle's' salary.

So, thanks Tennessean...i'll be looking forward to reading about Brad Schmitt's salary in an upcoming edition of your august paper.

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