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President Bush, If you're going to pander...

Why stop with federal encroachment into gay marriage? You wanna energize your base, President Bush? Why should gay business persons be allowed to sign ANY contract involving federal money? Isn't that money going into the pockets of sodomites and jezebelians and perhaps used to recruit the young sapphist of tomorrow?

While you're at it, let's stone two birds with one bill: Ban gay immigrants from marrying anybody , breeder-class or non-breeder class. Require prospective immigrants to recite the words to three Judy Garland songs and/or redecorate the office in which they are being interviewed. If they show a high proficiency in either task - DON'T LET EM' IN!

How in the name of Oscar 'born to be' Wilde does anybody get to the point where the constitution should be amended to RESTRICT the rights of a certain class of citizens. What is the federal government doing in this tent anyway?

But, pander away, President Bush and Lackey Frist - if we don't like it, we can eat brie....

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