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All in all, we need another brick in the wall, or, I'm embarrassed to say that Floyd the Barber could gain 10 yards on these guys

Watching the Titans game last night was painful. The offense sputtered, with occasional bursts of efficiency, but the defense, man, the defense...The corners without our fearless reprobate 'Pac' are constantly overmatched. The defensive line played a sacred tune - holey holey holey while the linebackers bit on every bit of cheese tossed their way.

I predicted earlier this year that the Titans would win 6 games. I'll stick with that, but I'm beginning to worry that I was somewhat optimistic considering the defense and the fact that the Titans appear to have six 'number 3' wide receivers.

I could get 10 yards on those guys, yeah, 10 yards, Andy

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