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Sometimes I do believe in karma, or, Katherine Harris is going down in flames...

Fox News Channel/AKA Republican candidate for the Senate in the state of Florida, Katherine Harris's campaign is in shambles. She's run out of money, but not out of stupid speeches. Here's a gem from yesterday:
"If you're not electing Christians, then in essence you are going to legislate sin," Harris told interviewers from the Florida Baptist Witness, the weekly journal of the Florida Baptist State Convention.

I guess that's why Senator Joe 'sinner' Lieberman was defeated.

Her outrageous conflict of interest in the 2000 Presidential elections may have finally have boomeranged. Katherine clearly doesn't have a clue about democracy or the reason this country was founded. After the election, I hope she'll take some time off and maybe audit a civics course or two or maybe she could move to Iran where theocracies seem to be in vogue.


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