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What are da odds, or, I HATE 3:15 AM phone calls

When you have three kids, even when they are all adults (and one of them is living in Peru), the phone ringing at 3:15 AM is a dread-filled sound once one awakens enough to register the noise.

Our bedroom phone is on a nightstand on my wife's side of the bed.

Phone rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring
Caller ID: a number in San Antonio Texas
a sleepy hellllo from my wife
"Is John there?"
"yes, is John there, this is Amanda?"
phone is handed over to me
"Who the hell answered the phone???"
"uh, my wife"
"ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" followed by hangup

So what we have here is a wife/girlfriend trying to catch her significant other with another woman...I'm sure that happens every night, but what are the odds of getting a wrong number in Nashville and the name fits? I know my name is common, but still....whyyyyyyyy me???

PS. Wide awake until 5:30 ...thanks AMANDA from San Antonio!

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