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Why is this man smiling, or, Let's gin out Rummy

When all else fails, blame the media and call your critics confused cowards. Let's see, what story are we up to now: we had to attack Iraq because of 9/11, WMD, mushroom cloud , oh ok, seeds of democracy, that's the ticket. We would be greeted as liberators and the war would pay for itself by oil revenue . The attacks on 9/11 were directly connected to Saddam, Al Queda agents working with Saddam, terrorists who were financed by Iraq, Saudia Arabia, Syria, Iran, and Pakistan.

The insurgency sectarian conlict is in its death throes uh, is not so bad now that we've moved a lot of our troops into Baghdad. The Iraqi army has 902 battle ready units.

Why does this man still have a job? A tenent certainly part of conservative philosophy is individual accountablity. Where is the accountability?

If you still believe the Iraqi war is the right thing to do, how can you support a man who has so completely bungled the execution of the post-war plans. How can you support a man who has been wrong on nearly every aspect of troop deployment and who fires or demotes anyone who dares disagree publicly? There were not and still are not enough troops to carry out operations successfully - if you believe in the mission.

If you believe, as I do, that the Iraqi war is a gigantic mistake, and a diversion from fighting terrorism, there is little good anyone of us can say about the man.

The continuing tactic of blaming the media and name-blaming opponents is sickening in the face of the horror that is Baghdad. Not one damn member of the media killed any one of the 2,600 American military who have died in this conflict. Not one damn media member killed the nearly 60,000 Iraqi civilians who have died because of this conflict.

Please get this straight. Please hear this. Being opposed to the war in Iraq is NOT the same as being opposed to fighting the war on terror. Being opposed to the war in Iraq is not saying that Saddam and the Islamo-fascists are good and should be appeased. Being opposed to the war, at least in this quarter, is saying that all we are doing is strengthening a true terror-state, Iran.

Being opposed to the war is not saying that no good has come out of this, but we who are opposed to the war believe strongly that the center will not and cannot hold.

This war has destroyed goodwill towards our country all around the world. This war HAS NOT STOPPED TERRORISM, nor will it.

Terrorism will be fought by intelligience, police actions, targeted destruction of terrorist entities, and with a united front of nations who do not stand for terrorism.

Telling us the media is to blame and that we support terrorism because we don't particularly care for the way the Iraqi conflict is working out is just damnable nonsense.

Calling veterans who oppose the war cowards and appeasers is obscene.

President Bush, FIRE THIS muckheaded martinet. Where is the accountability?

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