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How do you spell D E S P E R A T E?, or, G.O.P. bin worried

I thought the 1964 'daisy' ad against Barry Goldwater was the 'gold' standard for low-down political advertising, but folks, we got a new contender.

"What is yet to come will be even greater," the ad quotes bin Laden as saying, before concluding with the words: "These are the stakes. Vote November 7."

All I can say is that if we fall for this line of bullshit, we deserve what we get. For a leader who has not captured Bin Laden and whose idiotic war-plan has totally destablilized Iraq AND has allowed the Taliban back in Afghanistan, the GOP has a lot of damn nerve to run this ad.

And, to my fellow Democrats, you gotta come up with something better than 'we're against the war now, and Bush is bad, very very bad'. You should have had the balls to speak out earlier and to come up with a realistic alternative plan. This election should be the Dems to lose...but much like Vanderbilt football, there are way too many creative ways to blow a lead.

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