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OH...there IS a new course, or, Bush burning old rhetoric

Tony Snow, the Prez's Press Potentate, has announced that the President will no longer use the term 'Stay the Course' in conjunction with the war in Iraq. Slightly different than the Prez maintaining that his administration was NEVER about stay the course.

I guess the old test marketing department kinda decided that 'stay the course' isn't really a winning slogan, considering that not one freakin' person running for office in the United States wants to be associated with the phrase.

I'd love to be in that focus group that helps the administration come up with a new 'catch phrase' to describe the conflict that so far has left 2,700+ American military dead, thousands more maimed, and has led to the death of over 70,000 Iraqi civilians.

Kinda reminds me of that fast food advertising campaign for their companies new chicken sandwich: 'Now with 100% chicken!'. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I'm thinking that they probably won't use the Dem. alternative: Stay and Die

How about 'The Bush Doctrine: Better than New Coke!', or, 'Thousands Not Dead Yet!'.
Or better yet: 'That Clinton guy, now there's a real bastard'....

My phrase for the Bush crew: HERE's YER COURSE!

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