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No brother left behind, or, Nepotism! Boom

According to THIS LA Times story, a goodly amount of the 'No Child Left Behind Funds' are being spent on products from a company called 'Ignite! Learning'. In what has to be an INCREDIBLE coincidence, 'Ignite! Learning' (hey Tim W., does that look funny to you) is owned by someone named Neil Bush who happens to be the Prezidentz brother..holy cow..what a lucky! guy.

Here's another knee slapper..The 'No Child Left Behind' funds are suPPosed to be used primarily for programs that enhance math and reading skills for disadvantaged youngsters. Well, guess what's not quite ready in the 'Ignite! Learning' program...you guessed it, MATH and READING materials.

Nonetheless, schools across the country are fired up to purchase the 'Ignite! Learning' stuff, thanks to non-competitive bidding contracts strangely won by Neil's company, often underwritten by the Washington Times and Aramaco Services, 'an arm of the Saudi-owned oil company' with extensive ties to the Bush family.

Neil is proud to say that none of the folks purchasing the products have ever 'asked for a tour of the White House, or asked to spend the night in the Lincoln bedroom'...hell, they don't need to, they own half the damn place.

The guys over at 6MB have been calling out Harold Ford Jr. for his ties to his corrupt family..And, I do believe that Harold does have some 'splainin to do, but this makes Harold's operation look like a back-room poker game.

ft: Josh Marshall

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