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Apparently these moonbats didn't get the memo about the war..

Now that Bush and Company have retreated to the 'it's the media's fault for encouraging terrorism' and the 'if you are against this war, you are for terrorism' palaver, one entity within the gov't seems to have missed the daily message memo.

WASHINGTON - Conditions that could lead to a civil war exist in Iraq, reflecting the “most complex” security challenges since the U.S. invasion in 2003, the XXXXXX said Friday.

The “core conflict” has changed into one pitting Sunni Muslims against Shiites, with the Sunni Arab insurgency overshadowed, it said in a quarterly report to Congress on U.S. efforts to stabilize the country.

In the notably gloomy report, The XXXXX said illegal militias have become more entrenched, especially in Baghdad neighborhoods where they are seen as providers of security as well as basic social services.

Yeah..those batty XXXXXX officials...

Know who they are? those zany Pentagon jokers!

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