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Proud and nervous Papa in Nashville

This morning my daughter was sworn in as an official member of the Peace Corps. She has finished her orientation in the Lima area (she is stationed in Peru) and she will be living in the town of Baton Grande' (which to my stupid ears sounds like BIG STICK..i'm wondering if anyone speaks softly there???).

The last month has been hard and tough for Erin. She has had money and train tickets stolen. She has been sick as a dog because she unknowingly drank water that had not been boiled beforehand. Her red hair makes her an item of much curiousity which leads to lots of people wanting to touch her and her hair, including some guys who are way too old to be touching without permission. She is living in a 'world' without privacy.

She has learned that the 'roughing it' life is not as romantic as portrayed in the brouchures, and she understands a lot more about poverty.

I do understand that she is just a sojourner and that many of the people in Peru don't have the 'plane trip outta there' option that she has. After some of our conversations earlier this month, I thought to myself that perhaps she might decide not to stick with it...I didn't say that out loud, but I did wonder if she would use that 'outta here' card.

Last night when we spoke, I wanted to let her know that whatever decision she made that her mother and I would support her...which was saying, without saying blatantly, that it was ok if she came home now.

Without hesitation she spoke boldly and clearly.
This is what I need to be doing. This is where I need to be.

I miss her muchly, and I am so proud. She is standing up and she is an adult, and that is so damn wonderful and so damn scary all at once.

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