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Open or shut case

I've been to two funeral-home visitations in the past week. A relation-by-marriage and the mother of a dear friend both passed after long long illnesses. Both families are largely composed of devout Christians who earnestly believe that the departed is now in a far better place. Both families firmly believe that the body left behind is just a shell void of anima and spirit.

Both visitations included open caskets. I've been to way too many funerals and I have seen many open caskets. The dead body doesn't spook me or offend me. I guess I just don't understand why people want to display something that is the antithesis of the life they are celebrating. I am not criticizing the choice..I just don't get it.

Oddly enough, I discovered a blog dedicated to this question (IS THERE ANYTHING or ANY TOPIC un-blogged?). Do people really want to be remembered in still repose, a passive shell unsparked?

When I go, I want friends laughing with my family, Steve Earle's "I ain't ever satisfied' playing in the background, and maybe a picture of me at a ballpark. No matter what you believe happens after death, that corpse in the box ain't really me...I'll be moving on.

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